Welcome to Go Turtle - Your Global Community in Motion!

At Go Turtle, we bring a world of products right to your doorstep. Our unique platform connects local and international retailers with customers through a community of dedicated gig workers. Whether it's a local delicacy or an overseas treasure, we're here to make the distance a little less distant. Join us, and let's make the world a bit smaller, one delivery at a time!

Our Services

We understand the joy of getting what you want, when you want it. That's why we partnered with a diverse range of vendors, enabling you to shop from multiple marketplaces and platforms, with the convenience of a single, dependable delivery service. From the local boutique to the international retailer, we handle the journey so you can enjoy the destination

Seamless Delivery Experience

We take the complexity out of international and local deliveries. Shop from your favorite stores, and leave the logistics to us.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay updated from the moment your package is on its way until it arrives at your doorstep.

Sustainability in Motion

Our commitment goes beyond timely deliveries; we're dedicated to eco-friendly practices that ensure we're making a positive impact.

Who We Are

Go Turtle is not your ordinary delivery service; we are the link that connects you with the treasures from multiple vendors, local and international. We specialize in bringing whatever you love, from wherever it is, straight to your door—safe, fast, and reliable

Our Vision

To pioneer a globally integrated delivery service that brings diverse cultures and products into every household while nurturing a community that values each member's role in this journey.

Partner With Us

Are you a vendor looking to simplify delivery for your customers? Or a driver who wants to be part of a network that values your time and effort? Join the Go Turtle community, and let's create seamless experiences together.

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Eco-Friendly Fleet & Operations


Green Deliveries

Implement an all-electric or hybrid vehicle fleet to reduce carbon emissions. Partner with environmental organizations to offset carbon footprints, making every delivery effectively carbon neutral.


Recycling Program

Introduce a program where Go Turtle drivers collect recyclable packaging materials (like boxes, bubble wrap) from customers after deliveries, reducing waste and promoting recycling.

Community Integration & Social Responsibility


Local Impact Initiatives

For every delivery made, a percentage goes into community projects (like urban gardens, local clean-ups, community centers) allowing customers to choose the project they wish to support upon order completion


Support Local

Specialized programs for local producers and small businesses, offering them discounted delivery services to encourage community growth and local shopping

Advanced Tech Integration


Smart Tracking

Use of AI and machine learning for predictive analytics in tracking, providing customers with highly accurate delivery windows and real-time updates in a user-friendly app.


AR Navigation for Drivers

Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses for drivers, providing them with hands-free navigation, delivery information, and real-time traffic updates, making deliveries faster and safer.

Feedback Rewards

Implement a system where feedback from users is rewarded, encouraging a constant flow of communication and improvement.

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